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What is a jam session

Jam Session for beginners

Real Book

Allthough most jazz sessions in Amsterdam are dominated by conservatory students and professionals, the tuesday night session is also accesible for non-professional jazz musicians. You have to control your instrument though!

Do bring your instrument

Making music in a strange environment with musicians you don't know can be pretty scary. The only way to get over it, is by playing. So bring your instrument.

Every tuesday starting at 22.00 hour, ending at 1.00 hour.

How does a jam session work?

rhythm section

The session starts when a rhythm section is formed. Preferable is a rhythm section existing of: Bass, piano/guitar and drums. Two guitar-players at the same time, won't work, they have to wait their turn.


Most tunes are well known jazzstandard and can be found in the Real Book. On this page you can find tunes which aren often played in 't Geveltje.

A session is about making music, not about studying music

Playing together

Don't play difficult tunes and don't try difficult scales such as modes. If you keep it simple, you can focus on playing together and making music instead of struggling with chords and scales.


These tunes are played a lot on sessions world wide:

This list is only for a start. Pete Thomas has got a site with more jazz repertoire.


It is not possible to transpose on the spot. You will have to sing in the original key (Real Book) or bring your own scores for the band.

There is no microphone and cable. Bring it yourself (jack-plug).

Here is what we do have.

The photo shows a jack-plug.

Enjoy !

Jazzcafé ‘t Geveltje Bloemgracht 170 1015 TV Amsterdam Tel: 020 - 623 99 83