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Jazzmusicians and sites about music.

It's not just about jazz

Jazz-musicians? In a jazz-club or in a jazzcafé they play jazz! But when they play at a party?
Then it's party-time!
Let's be clear about this: You can book these musicians for a party! If you are jazz-minded, but don't want to confront your guests with freaky or dull jazz, it's open for discussion.

Jazz musicians

Musicians in an-alphabetical order.

Hans Ruigrok

Hans Ruigrok is a bass- and accordion-player. Repairs electronic equipment and owns 't Geveltje.

Armando Cairo

Armando Cairo's website is down at this moment. You can find Armando Cairo through this link (for the time being).
Armando Cairo is a musician,teacher en and invites the musicians for the friday session in 't Geveltje ( which makes him a mighty man).

Rinus Groeneveld

Rinus Groeneveld is a musician, producer and owner of a recording-studio. He doesn't like digital recording. Read about that on his site (?)!

Lils Mackintosh

Lils Mackintosh is a singer, teacher and actress.

Maarten Kruijswijk

Maarten Kruijswijk is drummer in the band "El Trio". You will find some drum-patterns on his site. It's in Dutch, but I'am sure, you'll understand the meaning of a "three stroke ruff".

Wouter Kiers

Wouter Kiers plays tenor-sax.

Loet van der Lee

Loet van der Lee is trumpet-player, (big)band-leader and composer.
There is also his online workshop, which contains "Flexebilitie and embouchure exercises"

Saskia Laroo

Saskia Laroo is a trumpet-player, band-leader and entertainer.

Martin Klein

Martin Klein is an alto-saxophone-player, band-leader and teacher.

Akki Haak

Akki Haak: Trombone player, band: G-Swing.

Florian Hierdeis

Florian Hierdeis Guitar-player: You can listen to samples of his music, if you have Quick-time installed.


Guillermo Celano (guitar) and Marcos Baggiani (drums) are the core-members of celano.baggiani/group. They play jazz with Argentinean influences, or the other way around.

Johnny Tevreden

Johnny Tevreden is a bass player.

Sandro Fazio

Sandro Fazio: Known as the "Chemical guitarist" (Il Chimico). Sandro is also composer and arranger.

Leo Bouwmeester

Leo Bouwmeester is a piano-player.

Tom Kwakernaat

Tom Kwakernaat: Bass player, composer and teacher.

Andreas Metzler

Andreas Metzler is a bass player, composer, band leader and teacher.

Arthur Heuwekemeijer

Arthur Heuwekemeijer: Plays saxophone and clarinet. Teaching, repairs, sale composing and arranging.

Lucas Suringar

Lucas Suringar - Workshop for double basses: Sale, repairs, musician

Dr. Fisheye

Dr. Fisheye: Trash Jazz


VoixDeux is een jonge energieke jazzformatie die traditionele jazz met een twist speelt. De oprichters van de band zijn de zangeressen Lodie Meijers en Renske Wassink.

Sites about music

Second hand Songs is a cover songs database. Find out who performed the original version of a particular song, or who covered that song.

Anne-Marie Oostveen

Anne-Marie Oostveen: She's a scientist who did a study on jazz-musicians . These day's more into e-voting ( actually, she is against e-voting). You can find information and links of all music-styles. A huge and well-updated music-index. Jazz in the Netherlands. All clubs, festivals and musicians.


John Matouk is a writer and member of the Jazz Journalists Association. He also hosts jazz and blues programs at 88.9FM Serious Jazz in Miami, Florida. A site about... . . jazz!

Handy links


Back Beat Records

Back Beat Records: A record-shop not far from the café. They are specialised in jazz, blues and rhythm'n blues.

Hotel van Onna

Hotel van Onna: A cozy (gezellig) non-smoking hotel on the same canal as Jazzcafé 't Geveletje (Bloemgracht)


Café Oostoever is situated at the bank of lake Sloterplas in Amsterdam-west. It has got a beautiful view on the lake and you can eat there as well. Starting at 't Geveltje, it takes only twelf minutes biking to get there. Pubs, clubs and restaurants in Amsterdam. Evrything within walking-distance!

Jordaan WEB, art and culture at the Jordaan

Jordaan WEB: This site takes you on a tour through the Jordaan, the area, where the café is located. Some patience is required if you have a slow connection, but the waiting will be rewarded!


A very good skipper, sailing a traditional, Frysian vessel (skutsj), which is for rent. He's also a trainer.

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