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Bass and accordion

Hans Ruigrok

Hans Ruigrok, owner of jazzcafé 't Geveltje in Amsterdam is also a qualified musician. He finished his studies at the Sweelinck -Conservatorium, nowaday's called Conservatorium van Amsterdam, his main instrument being double-bass. Although qualified for teaching, he mainly works as performing musician, playing (double-) bass and accordion.

Live-sessions and recording-sessions

Hans Ruigrok can reproduce hundreds of different chord-progressions on the spot and reads and interpretates (new) pieces easily. Transposing "on the fly" is no problem. Due to these qualities, live- and recording-sessions are his main business.

Musical styles

Although Hans Ruigrok finished his studies as a jazz musician, by no means his musical preference concerns jazz only. His interest runs from country to calypso and from hard-bop to hard-rock and beyond. Worth to be mentioned, cause good music doesn't rely upon professional skills only.

Contact Hans Ruigrok

Hans Ruigrok can be reached through the café, by telephone or email

LP's and CD's

Bluesbastards - Who's Plumber (2004)

cd-cover: Bluesbastards - Who's Plumber (2004)

It's blues on LP !

Order Bluesbastards - Who's Plumber.

Piet Kuiters quartet featuring Ben Herman - Roll 'm High (1993)

cd-cover:Piet Kuiters quartet featuring Ben Herman - Roll 'm High (1993)

It's merciless bebop. No prisoners taken!

Bestel hier Piet Kuiters quartet featuring Ben Herman - Roll 'm High (1993).

Glenn Miller Original Revivals - Forever (1988)

LP-cover: Glenn Miller Original Revivals - Forever (1988)

Recorded on 6 and 7 july 1988. With this band, Hans has been touring for a long time and this album is the result.
Songs like Moonlight Serenade , In The Mood etc. etc. It's obvious.

The cd is still available at www.Timeless

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Posted by Fisheye (?). :04-29-2005 08:56 AM
Whenever you're in need of an Amsterdam-based bassplayer again, I can really recommend Hans Ruigrok. The coolest bassplayer on bassguitar, always swinging, always beautiful lines and no unnecessary crap.
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