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Friday-night jazz jam session has stopped

As of today, there is no session on Friday night. At this moment it is uncertain if the session will continue next year. Still, there is a jazz session for beginners on Monday.

8 December Johnny Tevreden (bass)
1 December Sandro Fazio (guitar)
24 November Florian Hierdeis (guitar)
17 November Marleen van Emmerik (vocals) Jelte de Jong (tenor saxophone)
10 November Andreas Metzler (double bass)
3 November Traoine Young (double bass)
27 October Ramon Hermans (drums) + Leo Bouwmeester (piano) + Lucas Suringar (bass)
20 October Akki Haak (trombone)
13 October Sandro Fazio (guitar)
7 October Jelte de Jong (tenor saxophone)
29 September Marleen van Emmerik Bryan Leinwand (bass)

Information listed here is not always correct. All of them are volunteers, so if work shows up, that means we have to re-schedule, even at short notice.

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