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Hans Hans has been the owner of Jazzcafé 't Geveltje since 1990 and works there regularly as a bartender (don't order tomato juice, because he dislikes dirty glasses) . Hans graduated in 1986 from the Amsterdam conservatory as a professional jazz musician and music teacher. He plays upright bass as well as electric bass in various groups.

From 1986 to 1993 Hans performed in the Glenn Miller Orchestra, directed by Wil Salden, with which he toured through the whole of Europe. He also performed regularly with Johnny Meijer, Bolle Jan, de Naaldhakken, The Weekend Warriors and he was part of "Max Teawhistle & the Friends of Bop". Nowadays he performs with the Rinus Groeneveld Quartet, The Blue Train, the Jos van Beest Trio, PB and the Nighttrain and the Piet Schmidt Trio.

Ruigrok performed with various formations at the North Sea Jazz Festival and recorded several CD's, including "Stolen Moments", with the late Joop Thonhauser. Next to his interest for the bass, he has a preference for the hammond-organ and electronics.


Joost This is Joost. He works as a bartender at the Gevel. He also tends bar in another pub called the Oostoever. During the summer Joost works as a sailing instructor.

On Tuesday evenings he joins the workshop for advanced musicians directed by Armando Cairo (see picture). When he was 18 he started playing classical guitar, then switched to bass guitar (reggae, rock blues), but has gone back to the first because, in his opinion, bass players don't get the acknowledgement they deserve (when they play well, nobody notices it, when the play badly, the music falls apart).


Kees Cees is one of the other perfect bartenders in the Gevel. He plays piano in the doo-wop band "The Weekend Warriors" and the "Shuffle Kings". His other instruments are the accordion and the hammond-organ.


Armando For many years Armando Cairo has directed his own workshop on Tuesdays in 't Geveltje. Armando Cairo was born in Amsterdam March 21, 1953. He studied and graduated at Rietveld Academy in 1976: painting and portrait painting.

He started playing the tenorsax at the age of 24. Armando played in several Dutch jazz groups, amongst others: Fra Fra Sound, Frank Grasso Big Band, Dutch Connection, Joe Malingh Septet, the Billy Brooks Big band. He also played for a while with Jeldrik IJland (alto), Essiet "Okun" Essiet (bass), Don Mumford (drums).

In 1987 he formed the Armando Cairo Sextet. From 1985 onwards Armando has been teaching at CREA, the cultural department of the University of Amsterdam. From 1986 on, he has been leading the Crea Big Band, for which he also arranges and composes. Since 1999, the big band appears monthly with notorious guest solists at café Meander, Amsterdam. With the Armando Cairo Quartet he recorded two cd's: Red Headed Sirens (1996) and Tenor Brutality (1999).

More information about his quartet and his other work can be found on his own Armando Cairo Site


Martin Martin Klein's favorite kind of jazz is, in his own words, "beautiful jazz". Not necessarily the slow and sensitive jazz, but it has to have a melody and has to be recognizable. The modern "freaky" kind of jazz doesn't make him happy. Favourite musicians who embody the principles of 'beautiful jazz' include Stan Getz, Paul Desmond and Phil Woods.

Martin primarily plays the saxophone, which instruments he also teaches. He also plays the clarinet and some piano (while accomanying students). Besides this, he organizes and directs a few workshops in community center Lydia and in jazzcafe 't Geveltje.

Martin's second love is composing and arranging music, both for the workshops as for his own groups. More information: or his own webpage JazzMo.


Dolf Dolf Pleiter graduated at the conservatory and teaches saxophone and workshops. During the summer he lives in the south of France, where, for a few years already, he organizes a jazz-festival and a six-day music seminar in "his" village Reynier.

Participants in this seminar stay in the small village in the heart of the "Alpes de Haute-Provence" (population: 20). During the stay they follow courses in jazz, Latin-American and African music. Improvising is the key-word. At the end of the week the participants perform on stage in the middle of the village. A week in a musical and international atmosphere in very special surroundings!

More information: Dolf (tel. 020-6242180) or pick up a brochure at cafe 't Geveltje.


Jelte As tenor-saxophone player, Jelte is director of the sessions on Monday and Friday nights. On Monday he works by himself, on Friday he invites two other musicians to accompany the professional sessions. He teaches saxophone and plays in the bands: "Brutti, sporchi e cattivi", "Soulgang" and the "Brouillard Duo".

As well as being a musician he is a karate-teacher (he has the black belt himself). And anyone who wants a Shiatsu-massage can call upon this man of many talents.


Anne-Marie Anne-Marie worked from 1992 till 2000 in 't Geveltje as a bartender and manager. She always loved the job. Unlike the other people who work at 't Geveltje she is not active as a musician, having given up playing the tenor sax in favour of playing the computer. Anne-Marie created the Gevel website in the beginning of 1999 and has been answering the mail directed to the Gevel ever since.

She studied Cultural Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam, where she graduated (MA) in 1997. Her thesis dealt with the socio-economic position of professional jazz musicians in the Amsterdam informal scene. The results of this research were also published in the form of an article in The Boekmancahier (download the PDF file).

At the moment Anne-Marie works at the University of Amsterdam as a researcher in the Department of Social Science Informatics. She is also working on her Ph.D. More information can be found on her own homepage