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"First you learn the instrument,
then you learn the music,
then you forget all that shit
and just play"

Charlie Parker


Weekly programme

Monday 20.00-22.00 Open rehearsel of "The Jazz Warriors" big band
Monday 22.00-01.00 Jazz Session for Beginners (first Monday of the month at 23.00h!)
Tuesday 21.00-24.00 Jazz Workshop for Advanced Musicians
Wednesday 20.00-23.00 World Music Orchestra
Thursday 20.30-23.00 Jazz Workshop for Beginners
Friday 23.00-02.00 Professional Jazz Session


Every Monday from 20.00 hours, open rehearsal of the big band "Jazz Warrios", directed by Simon Lutz. Everybody is welcome to come and listen. Following these rehearsals there are jam-sessions for beginners from 22.00 hours. These sessions are directed by Jelte de Jong (saxophone). The repertoire consists mainly of known jazz-standards.


For years now Tuesdays in "t Geveltje" have been reserved for the workshop directed by Armando Cairo. This year he is directing a workshop for advanced musicians. This concerns: chords and symbols, solo's, performance, rhythm, articulation and teamwork. The group performs regularly. Information and registration: Armando Cairo, tel. 020-6440972.


Every Wednesday from 20.00 hours: world-music workshop directed by Dolf Pleiter. This orchestra consists of advanced amateur-musicians. The repertoire is simple Latin-American, African (Senegal and Zaire) as well as Balkan- and Klezmer-music (Bigband setting). For example: bolero, cha-cha-cha, son-montuno, mambo, cumbia, calypso, merengue, kaseko, bomba and rumba. All the musical-arrangements are by Dolf himself. During the rehearsals special attention is given to: timing, dynamics, balance, tuning and communication while playing simple exercises. Within these arrangements there is room for improvisation.
There is room for: drums, percussion, bass, piano, accordeon, guitar (just one of each instrument) and saxophone, trumpet and tuba. For other instruments contact Dolf. Participants have to be able to read music, have a reasonable sense of rhythm and have to be motivated. The costs for one season (30 sessions): 400 Dutch guilders. Information and registration: Dolf Pleiter, tel. 020-6242180.


Every Thursday Martin Klein directs a jazz-workshop for beginners. All instruments are welcome (this also means: the violin, accordeon, mouth-organ etcetera). Attention is given to performing as a group, knowledge of various kinds of jazz, improvising and playing various arrangements. Participants are expected to be able to find all the musical notes on the instrument, and be able to read music. Experience in playing together or improvising is not required. Information and registration: Matin Klein, tel. 020-6185315. Or on Internet:


Traditionally the week ends with the (in)famous professional jazz-session, where advanced musicians compete with each other. Every week Armando Cairo invites a professional jazz musician to lead the jam session. A great night for the interested listener! Do you want to find out who leads the rhythm-section this week? Then click here .

Jazzcafé 't Geveltje, Bloemgracht 170, 1015 TV Amsterdam, Tel: 020 - 6239983