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Jazzcafé 't Geveltje

The place to play the music!

For 25 years Cafe 't Geveltje has been open in the heart of Amsterdam, in the area called "de Jordaan". Originally it was founded as a folk-cafe, but in the 80's they began to host jazz jam sessions and workshops. Many of the musicians who perform in well-known Dutch jazz-formations started their careers in 't Geveltje.

't Geveltje Since 1990 the cafe has been run by Hans Ruigrok and has evolved into a full-grown jazz-cafe. Ruigrok, a professional jazz-musician himself, recognizes the importance of a meeting place, where beginners as well as professional musicians can freely jam together.

For this purpose the cafe was rebuilt, to meet the strict legal requirements concerning noise pollution. Thanks to these changes there now is a sound-system that makes it possible to continue the musical tradition of the cafe in the future.

At Jazzcafé 't Geveltje in Amsterdam both jazz musicians and jazz fans can have the time of their lives: every day except Saturday and Sunday, our bar is open, and there is always something interesting to hear, do or watch!

Every Monday there is a session for starters, the session meant for musicians who cannot play the Big Places of Jazz yet, but sure will in due course... Every Tuesday there is a jazz workshop by Armando Cairo. He teaches small groups of jazz players how to become Great. At Wednesday there is a worldmusic workshop conducted by Dolf Pleiter. The Thursday evenings are taken by Martin Klein and his starters jazz workshop. All the workshops perform regularly at the Gevel and other places. The week ends every Friday with the famous professional jazz session.

Jazz players and listeners meet in 't Geveltje, both in the room behind ('t achterzaaltje), where the music plays, and in the fine bar where you can talk. There are always people from all over the world, so every night is different!

The entrance is free, and the prices of the drinks are regular. And on behalf of the players, 't Geveltje provides: a piano, drums, electric bass, electric guitar, P.A. and amplification. If you are interested in dropping by, check the opening hours by clicking "Program".

Be there and enjoy real jazz!

Jazzcafé 't Geveltje is situated in the heart of Amsterdams finest area 'De Jordaan'

The Gevel from across the canal

Opening Hours

Monday OPEN 20.00 - 03.00 hrs
Tuesday OPEN 21.00 - 03.00 hrs
Wednesday OPEN 20.00 - 03.00 hrs
Thursday OPEN 20.00 - 03.00 hrs
Friday OPEN 22.00 - 04.00 hrs
Saturday CLOSED


Jazzcafé ‘t Geveltje
Bloemgracht 170
1015 TV Amsterdam
Tel: 020 - 623 99 83
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