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17 December 2005

What you will find here

I thought that "Behind the façade" would be a good title and combined with the lay-out, it makes clear that this is a separate section of this site. The information here doesn't concern the café directly. In this section you will find The Archive, a short explanation about the name of the café and in the (near) future whatever I wish to publish. I consider this to be my personal playground.

Who am I? My name is Joost. I am barkeeper in 't Geveltje and the developer/maintainer of this site and

signature: Joost

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The Archive

In The Archive, you will find the first site of the café build by Anne-Marie Oostveen. In fact it is a reconstruction of the remains, so it might have been slightly modified. I have "repaired" broken and irrelevant links in a strange way, cause I want it to be clear that it is an archive.

The name " 't Geveltje" explained

't Geveltje

"Gevel" means "façade" or "front of a building".

't Geveltje

" 't " means "the". It is an informal spelling of the word "het" which has the same meaning. " 't " comes closer to the way it is pronounced.

't Geveltje

"tje" as well as "je" is often added at the end of a word, to indicate that it is something small. It also suggests to be cozy or adorable. As an example the word "terrorist": That's someone who blows himself to pieces in a crowd. But the word "terroristje" could refer to the kid-next-door, who likes to blow up dog-shit in a crowd using firecrackers.

"'t Geveltje " is in every town

You realize by now, that "'t Geveltje" is a very common name. Almost every small bistro, restaurant, café will fit the description implied by the name. That's why almost every town or village has got his own "'t Geveltje".

Go Google " 't Geveltje"

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