Welcome, I am Bud Weisser

I am a guitar-player from Amsterdam. At this moment, I don't have a band. Because of a small problem with my ears, I had to let them go. They were to loud anyway!

I am back now, better than before. With my six Marshall amps (MF400) and a speaker-system, which I have developed myself (I am proud to say), I feel there is no need to form a new band. What's more, no longer am I depending on so called "technicians", who never get the sound right.

Using my six amps, I can replace a whole band and I know we can agree on a fair price, if you want me to perform in your club. You will have to pay me in advance for gas-oil and some stuff I keep at a pawnshop (just storage) and you will have to agree, not to meddle with the sound.

If you are interested, send me an email, don't phone, I have got a minor problem with my ears.


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